Why an Air Purifier Should be Your Next Purchase

Why an Air Purifier Should be Your Next Purchase

Let’s start off with an explanation of what an air purifier really is. These devices work to remove airborne contaminants that live in your home through a filtration system, thus leaving you with better air quality. This description alone should be enough to convince you that an air purifier is a great, long lasting solution to improve your health and the health of your loved ones. But if you need a little more convincing, here are a few additional scenarios in which having an air purifier could benefit your life. 

You Suffer with Allergies 

Air purifiers like the HAP260 and HAP450 are capable of catching irritants found in the air through their 3-stage filtration system. The reduction of unwanted particles in the air can have an effect on allergy symptoms. It is extra important that you use a purifier with true HEPA (high efficiency particulate air) filters, which you can find in the HAP260/HAP450 models. 

You Smoke or Live with a Smoker

It’s no secret that smoking and/or being exposed to cigarette smoke poses a health risk. And while opening a door or window can help bring in fresh air, once exposed to the smoke this air becomes contaminated. An air purifier can provide some relief to the toxins in the air caused by cigarette smoke. Puritix purifiers work in 3 stages to remove toxins, of which the third stage directly targets smoke and odor-causing bacteria through its carbon filter. 

You Reside in an Area with High Amounts of Dust and/or Construction

No matter how hard you work to keep dust out of your home, it is inevitable that some is going to slip through the cracks, literally. Having an air purifier quietly working in the corner is a great way to know your air is being passively filtered and cleaned. 

You Experience Unwanted Odors 

We can burn as many candles as we want, but some odors are here to stay. Or are they? Not only do air purifiers work to remove toxins in the air, but they also help eliminate unwanted odors. If for no other reason mentioned, having an odor-free home is a great way to settle on purchasing an air purifier.